Why You Should Surround Yourself with Good People

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Why You Should Surround Yourself with Good People

When you surround yourself with good people, they can significantly influence your life, affecting your feelings, ideas, and actions. Hence, it’s crucial to choose carefully, as it’s a waste of time to spend time with the wrong people. Creating connections with accomplished individuals can support personal development and goal-achieving. This article will share reasons why it is important that you surround yourself with good people and choose relationships that empower you.

How Important Is It to Surround Yourself with Good People?

The people we spend time with ultimately shape our everyday thoughts, actions, and emotions. Naturally, you will increase your standards and become a better person if you surround yourself with good people who support you, share their knowledge with you, and help you learn from your mistakes. Hence, to see beneficial improvements in your life, you must be intentional and surround yourself with good people.

Other reasons why it is important to surround yourself with good people include:

  • Discovering New Things and Reach Your Goals
    The appropriate individuals will motivate and guide you towards your objectives. They push you to do better at things you already do and assist you in areas where they shine and you need to improve. Also, you can learn a great deal about subjects that pique your intellectual curiosity. 
  • Stay Positive
    Negative people constantly divert others from their goals, discourage others, and attempt to thwart their accomplishments. It is very challenging to concentrate on activities that promote personal advancement when these people are around. The right people will always be there to support and encourage you as you work towards your objectives. 
  • Improve Personal Development Skills
    When you surround yourself with good people—people you can learn from—you can easily aspire to be achievers. You can pick up tips from these people and also adopt their positive behaviours and values and apply them to your own life. Hence improving your skills and setting yourself up for success.
  • They Help You Evolve
    When you surround yourself with people who share your dreams, you allow yourself to evolve with every interaction. For instance, if you have friends in your gym, you are likelier to work out more effectively and reach your fitness goals much faster.

How to Choose the Right People to Surround Yourself With

Choosing to surround yourself with good people is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your personal and professional lives. Here are some steps on how to choose the right people to surround yourself with:

By Raising Your Standards

You must set high standards for your inner circle. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, lend you knowledge, and help you learn from your mistakes. This can be achieved by consciously deciding to surround yourself with people who share your ambitions and make you happy.

Let Go of Negative Relationships

Identify people in your life who bring you down or create negativity. Reflect on how you feel after spending time with them and if it’s mostly negative, consider distancing yourself from them. This will free up more time for you to surround yourself with successful and positive people.

Identify Positive People

Look for positive people in your life who inspire and challenge you. These could be smart people, hard workers, dreamers, visionaries, or positive thinkers. Having a diverse range of personality types within your group can be beneficial.

Join a Professional Group or Find a Mentor

It is possible to speed up the process of achieving achievement by surrounding oneself with people from whom you can learn. You can gain useful insights and success tactics by finding a mentor or joining a professional organization. Both of these options are available to you.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

To surround yourself with good people who will take you to the next level, you need to spend time where they are. This might involve attending seminars, workshops, or networking events that challenge you and expose you to different perspectives.

Value Diverse Perspectives

Surrounding yourself with people who think differently can stimulate your creativity and problem-solving skills. Engaging in diverse pools of thought allows you to expand your mind and innovate in ways you might not have considered before.

Cultivate Real-Life Relationships

Your attention should be directed toward developing real-life relationships with people who have previously attained the success you seek. This can help you gain great ideas and learn from other people’s experiences, which can be helpful to you.

The Mirror Effect: You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

Warren Buffett once said, “It’s better to hang out with people better than you.” This quote emphasizes the importance of social circles in personal development. Friends and companions can be like mirrors reflecting an individual’s values, aspirations, and character. They influence decisions and shape one’s identity. Surrounding oneself with individuals who embody the qualities you admire and hold dear can help develop those traits. The right company can inspire and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself. Numerous historical figures have echoed this wisdom, highlighting the significance of social connections in shaping one’s character and values.

Types of People You Should Surround Yourself With

There are many different people in life who can aid in your personal and professional success, and those closest to you will feel the effects of your success.  You should surround yourself with these kinds of people to improve the quality of your life:

  • The grateful: Expressing gratitude acknowledges progress, acknowledges achievements, and acknowledges support. It fosters empathy, trust, and open communication, leading to success and a positive outlook.
  • The cheerful: They can experience positive emotions, especially in social situations. Rather than focusing on the bad and what you’ve not done, you should focus on what you’ve done. Then, you figure out how to thank people who’ve helped you get there.
  • The passionate: Engaging with passionate individuals can help maintain commitment and motivation in your professional pursuit. Their focus on the big picture and unentangled focus on tasks can help overcome challenges.
  • The Inquisitive: Seek experts who consider all alternatives before making decisions, which can lead to inventive thought patterns. Inquisitive people are curious and constantly learn, requiring constant research and exploration.
  • The highly driven: Surrounding yourself with accomplished individuals can inspire self-examination and personal growth, as they excel at setting realistic goals and consistently achieving them.
  • The inspired: Inspiration from books, movies, music, quotes, podcasts, and business conferences can encourage individuals to improve themselves. Find someone who motivates you to be the best version of yourself.

Positive Social Relationships and Your Well-being

Good relationships can significantly improve mental health and well-being by enhancing social connections, positively influencing habits and lifestyle choices, boosting self-esteem and happiness, providing emotional support during difficult times, and increasing resilience. Spending quality time with friends or family, talking about feelings, and helping others can help prevent feelings of isolation and improve mental health.

Surrounding yourself with good relationships also fosters a sense of belonging, promoting healthy habits and physical activity. Engaging in enjoyable activities with people you like can increase happiness and overall satisfaction with life. Building and maintaining good relationships requires genuine, personal interactions and a shared understanding and respect. Overall, good relationships are essential for overall mental health and well-being.

Steps to Improving Your Inner Circle

Consider the following steps to improve your inner circle and surround yourself with good people:

  • Reflect on your inner circle, values, goals, and relationships to assess their support and potential impact on your life and decisions. Consider whether current relationships are supportive or harmful.
  • Surround yourself with people who share your values, interests, and ambitions. This can help you feel understood and supported.
  • It’s important to establish and respect personal boundaries within your inner circle. This can help to maintain a healthy balance and prevent conflicts. 
  • Participate in activities and events that align with your interests to meet like-minded individuals.
  • It’s often more beneficial to have a small group of close, trusted friends than a large group of acquaintances. Focus on deepening relationships with a few individuals who genuinely add value to your life.
  • Establish a culture of transparency and trust within your inner circle. This can help foster deeper connections and mutual respect.
  • Encourage members of your inner circle to pursue their goals and develop their skills. This can help to create a supportive environment where everyone is invested in each other’s success.
  • Regularly express appreciation for your friends and their positive influence on your life. This can help to strengthen your relationships and increase your overall satisfaction with your inner circle.
  • Ensure you communicate openly and honestly with your inner circle. This can help to resolve conflicts, deepen understanding, and foster a more harmonious relationship.


          The people you spend the most time with have a big influence on your life. Your identity, emotional state, and general well-being are all influenced by your inner circle. The proverbial “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” attributed to Jim Rohn, serves as a helpful reminder of the influence that your social networks have. If you pick your friends carefully, you’ll discover the advantages go beyond simply being with pleasant people. If you surround yourself with positive, encouraging, and inspiring people, you’ll find that a happier, more fulfilling life is just waiting to be experienced. 


          How important is it to surround yourself with the right people?

          Surrounding yourself with the right people can significantly influence your life, affecting your habits, mindset, and belief system. These people can either bring out the best in you or become limitations. They can direct your life in the right direction, help you evolve, improve your success rate, and impact your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. To achieve success, surround yourself with people who mirror your goals and values.

          How does surrounding yourself with good people help your mental health?

          Good relationships enhance social connections, provide emotional support, reduce loneliness, and offer a sense of belonging. They also positively influence habits, boost self-esteem and happiness, support during difficult times, and increase resilience. Building and maintaining good relationships requires genuine interactions and shared understanding.

          Does surrounding yourself with happy people make you happy?

          Surrounding yourself with happy people can enhance your happiness by promoting positivity and joy. They can influence your outlook on life, teach you coping strategies, and have a positive influence. However, it’s crucial to cultivate your own inner happiness through gratitude, acknowledging feelings, engaging in happy activities, and maintaining physical health.


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